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About Us

Whittle Dene Community Interest Company is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2019. Its Board of Directors are volunteers who have a special connection to the place and local community. The CIC's aim is to steward the area of land at the southern tip of Whittle Dene north of Ovingham, Northumberland, for the benefit of wildlife and community. The land includes ancient woodland, a glade with a historic cabin site and a wild meadow.

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About the Land

Whittle Dene is located to the north of the village of Ovingham in Northumberland, 12 miles west of Newcastle Upon Tyne. It is a wooded valley with the Whittle Burn flowing through to meet the River Tyne in the south. The majority of Whittle Dene is managed by the Woodland Trust. The area of land under the CIC's stewardship is 12 acres at the southern tip of of the dene, and includes Ancient Semi Natural Woodland, Planted Ancient Woodland, meadows, and a glade. It is a priority habitat under the local Biodiversity Action Plan. 

The Woodland Trust, Northumberland Wildlife Trust, and Tyne Rivers Trust are all supportive of the CIC's aims. We are excited to be partnering with these organisations in looking after the wider Whittle Dene nature corridor. We will also be working with them to meet our community-centred aims.

As well as natural heritage, this area has rich cultural and historical heritage. The ruined mill in the glade dates back to at least the sixteenth century, and the cabins - also in the glade - have been a feature since the early 1900s. Do you have more information or memories about the dene, mill and cabins? If so, we would love to hear from you.

 Read more about the history and heritage of the land here.

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Our Aims

About: Our Causes

Woodland & Wildlife

Protecting & Restoring the rare habitat

Partnering with Woodland Trust & Northumberland Wildlife Trust, we aim to protect and restore the woodland at the southern tip of this important nature corridor, and help the unique community of plants, animals and fungi to thrive.

Cabins & Cultural Heritage

Connecting people & place -
past, present & future

We aim to ensure the historic cabin site in the glade at Whittle Dene is retained and looked after, and that the Dene's rich cultural heritage is recognise and celebrated.

Community & Learning

Connecting People with Nature

We aim to look after this place with the wider community in mind by ensuring an accessible, safe and welcoming environment. In the longer term, our ambition is to deliver nature-connection events and activities in the Dene.

How To Get Here

The Dene is accessible on foot from Prudhoe train station, Ovingham village and Ovington via St Andrew's Lane, as shown on the map below. Public footpaths crisscross the woodland for walkers to enjoy
(There are no bridleways or bike paths through the Dene itself)

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