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Wild Flower Survey...Can you guess how many species were recorded?

The results of our recent wild flower survey are back, and we are simply blown away by the diversity of species recorded in the dene. Can you guess at the results? Drum roll please….

Botanists from the Bernician Studies Group recorded MORE THAN 130 PLANT SPECIES in Whittle Dene, including at least 20 ancient woodland indicators! This is truly remarkable, and we would like to thank Dorothy, George, Max and the rest of the team for coming along and lending us their keen eyes and expertise.

What are Ancient Woodland Indicator Species?

To find out if a woodland is ancient, a number of factors are considered including whether the woodland appears on old maps, and whether a significant number of ancient woodland indicator species are found. In this case we have found the dene on maps dating back hundreds of years, and now we can also be confident that there are a wide variety of the indicator species.

The ancient woodland indicators found in the survey are:


Yellow pimpernel

Water avens


Townhall Clock

Wild garlic

Wood anemone

Lords and ladies

Alternate-leaved golden saxifrage



Dog’s mercury

Wood forget-me-not

Wood sorrel

Goldilocks buttercup


Wood speedwell

Wood sedge

Hairy wood rush

Wood mellick

Wood millet

Hard-shield fern

Field Maple

Wych elm


It is likely that other species will be added to the list as more surveys are carried out. Would you like to be part of future wild flower walks and surveys at Whittle Dene? Express your interest in an email:

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